1. Please be respectful when talking to other people

2. Use appropriate language when talking (no swearing)

3. Only use your character(s) not anyone else's

4. No sexual comments

5. Please be realistic when playing

6. No killing other players unless they say it's ok

7. Have Fun!!

8. Try to be as active as possible

Thank You!


***NOTE: PLEASE DON'T JOIN AS DEPUTY! LEADER WILL CHOOSE! THANKS! Also, this is an advanced rping site.***


To join, please do the following in pharagraph form:



Name: Cloudstar

Clan: Stormclan

Rank: Leader

Personality: A large white tom with piercing green eyes. He is very kind and loyal to his clan and would die for them at any time. Sometimes he is serious, but he does have a sense of humor.

Description: A large white tom with piercing green eyes.

History: (Optional)

Pic. link: (Optional. If you don't find one, we will for you.)


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