Other Animals

You can join as dogs, foxes, or badgers. (Join the same way) They often attack cats and sometimes each other.








Daecon - Deacon is a rottweiler-husky mix. He seems very aggressive, but, actually, he's only aggressive when those he cares about are in danger. Very powerful, Deacon is a formidable enemy to anyone. Secretly, Daecon wished no harm done to the clan cats. He only stays loyal to his pack so he can have a home and family. Daecon longs to talk to dogs out of destroying the clan cats, but he knows that he can't do it alone.
( Pronunciation

: Day - con )


Kira- A husky/wolf mix with one blue eye and one brown eye. She is kind and caring and an extremely good hunter. Her mother was Cody, a husky that lived with her, and her father was a wolf named Timber and they fell in love and she was the result. Then one day her father was killed by some dogs that they lived with and Cody got so depressed that she killed herself, leaving Kira to fend for her self. She has tried not to let it show, but deep down she misses her parents every single day and wishes they could be with her. 

Kiba- Kiba is a grey and white husky/wolf mix. He is put of the dog pack. He is strong, brave, fierce but still loving, and handsome. He dosn't want to kill cats really but doesn't really want them around either. Kiba wishs to have a mate later on in his live.


Spirit- A pretty female Australian shepherd. She is kind, but can be aggresive and fierce if needed. She is a better hunter than she is fighter.  


Thunder - Lightning's brother. He is a very mean male doberman pincher. He hates cats, like his brother, and would love to kill them. He cares for his brother though. 


Justice- A mean German Shepherd male. He is very aggresive and hates cats and traitors. He loves to rule over creatures and make them suffer and follow him. He follows Thunder and Lightning and likes what they're doing.  They used to know each other. He used to be a police dog, which is how he got his name.


Dyson- Dyson is a young Alaskan Malamute. He grew up with the dog pack and he thinks of them as his family. He has grown into a courageous and smart young dog. Dyson loves his family and would do anything to protect them...

 malamute.jpg dog image by theSoljaboy

Varjak - Varjak is an Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix just like his twin brother Jerome. Unlike his brother he is tenderly mean and loves to pick fights with other animals. He's only friendly to other dogs and is ready to protect his brother. 


Jerome- Jerome is an Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix like his brother Varjak. He can be sweet and kind but he sometimes likes to cause trouble and fight. He's looking for a mate and tries to find one for his brother too since he cares about his twin.  


Kina- A husky, who is pretty simple. She only likes hunting with her friends, and family. But she never knew her family. Though she says the pack is her own family. Very loyal, she can stand up in battle when she is near death. She has one light blue eye and one dark caramel eye, but both share the same loving gaze. Kina is caring when around others, but can still have a snappy attitude that can cut your patience in half. She really cares for about anything, from pups to elders. Although she doesn't care about other animals from dogs, she'll protect any living creature.



Nikita- Nikita is a German Shepard/Husky mix. She takes on the sized of the German Shepard from her father and the color of the husky from her mother. She's sweet and kind but if anyone threatened the ones she loves or her pack she would rip them to shreds. She loves puppies and hopes to one day have some of her own. She's looking for a mate but she already has a crush on someone in the pack. Nikita used to live with No-tails (my version of two-legs) with her mother and Father. but then she mother died of old age and her father died of mouth cancer. She was so heart broken she ran away but she still wears her collar in memory of  

Soul- Soul is a Female Pinscher. She used to be on the Detective and Police force and knows how to fight. She worked and trained with her best friend Mieke. The Humans trained her and Mieke in the way of Battle and Smell. She is a great Fighting dog more then her friend who was better at the hound part. She can be kind hearted but if anyone threatened her friends then she would ripe them apart. She hates cats and Lightning, Thunder and his group.  


Mieke- Mieke is a German Shepherd/Bloodhound mix. Her name is German for Michelle and she has a ruff German Accent. She also used to be on the Detective and Police force with her best friend Soul. She has trained in the ways of fighting and Smelling since Soul and her were pups. When she fights the German Shepherd's rage takes over and when she has to sent someone out she is the best, since she part Bloodhound. She was the best hound on the Detective force. She doesn't mind cats unlike her friend but despises Thunder, Lightning and their gang.

Tiger- Tiger is a German shepard. He is fierce but helps, solitary but talks to those he trusts, and is swift. He used to be in the army but his owner, who was in the army too, got killed and then he ran away. He learned to get over it but still misses his owner.

Ruffy the German Shepherd Pictures 7532

Bagheera- A male white pup. He is the son of Varjak and Nikita, so he is a German Shepherd/Husky/Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix, so he is a mutt and looks more like his mother. He is a layed back type and isn't much of a fighter. He loves the cats and their clans and doesn't understand why other dogs don't like them. He finds the cats very interesting. he is the loving and understanding type and loves to salve problems and mysteries.


Kaiyenna- A Female black  pup. She is the daughter of Varjak and Nikita so she is a German Shepherd/Husky/Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix, she is one good mutt. She loves adventure and excitement and always looking for something to do. She acts like the leader of her siblings and they usually follow her. She is always the master mind. though she is the leader u can tell Bagheera is the smart one and Daganae is the fighter. She loves her brothers and will get revenge if anyone harms them.

Daganae- A male black and white pup. He is the son of Varjak and Nikita so he is a German Shepherd/Husky/Alaskan Malamute/Wolf mix, so he is a mutt and looks more like his father. He is a fighter and loves picking fights But if either his brother or sister is there to stop him then he most likely wont fight. He follows his sister on adventures and loves to watch his brother salve problems. he is very protective of his brother and sister and if anyone were to hurt them he wouldn't forgive them and when he's strong enough to fight that animal he will pay back full. At times he can seem very evil and other times he can seem good.


 Scarlet- She is a very pretty young golden lab (golden retriever/yellow lab mix) with sparkaling amber eyes. She is stubborn and slightly arrogant, but in a good way. She is bright and kind, but doesn't always think before she speaks, which usually means hurt feelings, which she will try and make right again. She has no known parents, only she knows about them, and there were rumors about her when she joined, there still are, and she works twice as hard to prove her loyalty. She still has a collar, but if you taunt her about it you'll wish you hadn't. She'll show you her superb fighting skills. She is a pretty good hunter, too, but prefers fighting to hunting. She is 3 in human years, an adolecent, and is fiercely loyal.


Fracture- She is a beautiful black husky with a few patches of white on her chest. She has warm grey eyes and is a member of the dog pack. She is young, about the same age as Scarlet, Kaiyenna, Bagheera, and Dagane, and is calm and smart. It sometimes seems like she knows everything, but really she is insecure inside, so she tries to look smart to cover it up. She will always try to do the best thing, and is cautious, always thinking before she talks. She can get very emotional, but usually tries not to, for she is afraid the other dogs think it might be a weakness.

Sync- She is a mysterious Irish Setter with a dark, glossy black coat. She is a brilliant fighter, moving so fast it's like lightning. Her face is usually emotionless and dangerously calm, her amber eyes dark. She is the exact opposite of her sister, Kodiak. She is a member of the dog pack.

Kodiak- She is an optimistic, hyper, cheerful, and funny Irish Setter. She is a great hunter, and doesn't like fighting much, though she will if one of her friends is in danger. She is a comic relief for her friends, and loves fooling around. She is the exact opposite of her sister, Sync, her golden eyes always shining with laughter. She is a member of the dog pack.

 Bosco- Bosco is a small Scotland dog. He is craven and not very bright. He was chasing a squirrel and got far into the woods and become lost evenly ending up with the other dogs. He usaully just lays around.


Axel-  A strong Doberman Pincher pup. He is Soul and Lightning's son and the oldest of the two pups. He is very Head strong and aggressive towards other males and very protective of his sister. He always looks up to his uncle Thunder and wishes that he could have met his father.


Halena- A light colored Doberman Pincher pup. Shes not as strong as her brother Axel but she is way faster. She is the daughter of Soul and Lightning and the youngest of the two pups. She is actually quite evil but will act sweet around other dogs to full them of her true personality. She is also the smarter one between her and her brother. Together. Her and her brother make a great team.





Eclipse- Pretty black fox with a white tipped tail. She is honest, loyal, and she would do anything for foxes. She has a bad side, and that bad side is filled with only one objective:To kill all of the cats she sees. 

 Assassin - A handsome silver fox. His face is black along with his ears, but his ears are tinged red along the rim. He is cruel and enjoys killing. Assassin has piercing amber eyes that cause major fear.

Hurricane- A Female Gray Fox. She is beautiful and has a white star on her forehead. She is sly and very helpful and doesn't like pups.  


 Luna- Luna is a beautiful female white fox. She is very very clever and likes to talk in riddles sometimes. She likes to keep animals guessing and its gotten her out of tight spots in the past. She doesn't hate or like the cats, just thinks of them as other animals. 

 Kris- She is a stunningly beautiful female fox. Her paws, tail tip, ears, and chest are black. Her stomach, muzzle, and a splotch over one eye is white. The rest of her fur is a pretty, silk, dark red shade. She is a fierce fighter and doesn't care for cats. She is loving to other animals she trusts though. She enjoys to see those who she hates suffer and if you ever hurt her in anyway, she will pay you back. She is extremely swift and graceful. She wants a mate. She is very loyal and is young and fit.


Copper- Copper is a larger dogfox, his fur a dark red. His chin to tailtip is white, with the tip of his tail a black. He has four long black stockings, and black ears. His dark amber eyes are friendly and open, reflecting his personality. To other animals he can be cool and collected, but he doesn't neccesarily hate them. he's had a few good cat and badger friends in his life. To other foxes, he's one of the nicest foxes you'll see, always grinning and talking. He's very sweet. He's also rather young, and has a fondness in his heart for females.


 Peyton- An odd red fox with gazing amber eyes. She's a little small for her age, but she doesn't let her figure get in the way of fighting. She's actually a pretty good fighter. The ironic thing is that she doesn't like fighting with others, including arguing. Another thing she hates is dealing with others who are arrogant and want everything, like anyone should. Peyton believes in her own things, and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She has a small scar on her leg from something she'll only tell those who she deeply cares about. Don't mess with this fox. Peyton has a small-attention span in regular moments, but in battle she is as focused as she can. Even though she's a good fighter, though, she's not a good hunter. Her small legs don't help her with running, and she's horrible at sneaking up on things.



Dania- A very simple badger, but cruel-hearted and has a taste for blood. She's in love with herself. Literally. Being cruel, she doesn't care about age, if she wants to kill, she'll kill a cub, kit, pup, or anything that she's near. Fighting is her top priority. Dania has a sensitive side to food, and she can't last without it. Although her fighting ways, she's independent and doesn't want anyone to help her, even if she's in deep trouble.