Rouges are usually mean and vicious. They have a small stretch of territory near Stormclan's territory. They live in a big abandoned barn in their territory.


The Barn



The Warehouse




  Spark- Spark is massive orange tom cat with white paws and chest. He got his name because of his orange pelt. He is very territorial and loves to cause trouble with the clans by attacking them in the forest and hunting on they're territory just to annoy them. He is 55 moons old.

Cloverfur (Old Mate) - Bramblepaw & Whitepaw (Sons) - Heatherpaw & Mousekit (Daughters)

Fang- A muscular gray tabby tom. He is very mean and hates the clans. He lives alone and works alone and is used to getting what he wants. He will kill in cold blood if he wanted too. He is 40 moons old.

Chaos - Chaos is a black she cat with amber eyes. Her paws are white along with a patch on her chest. She is a mean rouge and likes to cause trouble. Chaos is a lethal fighter and can take down a muscular tom, despite her smallish size. Abandoned a kit, she was left in the cold and fell asleep on a rainy night exhausted, under a dumpster. A group of muscular toms came and attacked her until she only had the energy to run away. Bleeding and hurt, she found another place in a crack in a wall.  She built herself a den over the weaks and trained so she could defend herself. Once she was half grown, the same toms came again. They taunted her, but this time when they tried to attack, they found out she was much stronger and she managed, but just barely, to fight them off. The toms hated her now, but Chaos didn't care. As she became older, she spotted a younger tom about her age struggling against some of the tom's gang members. She saved his life and they became great friends. The tome found this out and in the night he came and stole Trent, who was the tom Chaos had befriended, and murdured him. She grew cold and attacked the leader tom. She won but she didn't kill him. A dog had came when he was wounded and finished him off, but the gang members blamed Chaos. She was driven away and her heart grew cold and she closed herself off from everyone. Maybe she could become the nice cat she once was if only someone would take the time to get through to her...


Bane- A dark tabby tom with green eyes, a vicious temper, and a cruel heart. Bane isn't sure whether to trust his brother Slasher or not. He's not sure if Slasher will go "soft" or not. Bane is always looking for a fight and can usually almost always win. He's only lost one fight and that was against Slasher.


Mauler- Mauler is a 13 moon old tortoiseshell tom. He is a rouge and lives alone. He constantly changes dens, never staying in one place more that a week. He is fierce, cocky, and mean, although he has a soft spot for a certain someone...He loves the feeling of blood on his claws but doesn't exactly love killing, since his parents were murdered by another rouge, he just likes to wound. He has ice blue eyes that, if he stares hard at you, can make you feel like he can see right into your brain, finding all your secrets...

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 Rat- Rat is a sick, twisted and evil brown tabby tom. He usually cares about no one and is good at tricking cats and even dogs and foxes. He hates almost everyone, so he is a rogue. He loves to fight and will attack almost anyone.


Blaze- Blaze is an beautiful, evil silver Bengal she-cat. She hates the clans and anything to deal with them. She has somewhat of a Southern Accent. Her and her sisters, Rayne and Samona, and Samona's kit, Sitka, traveled a long way til they found the barn. They came from further south as u can imagine and are the only ones from there family that survived after a terrible fire cause by two-legs to get them out of their barn. After that Blaze has been evil ever since, hating two-legs and whatever deals with them. She hates the clans cause the clan she ran into refused to let her and the rest stay and have shelter there. She likes Rat and Bane and would do anything they told her to do.


Rayne- Rayne is a beautiful bengel she-cat. She is the complete opposite to her sister, Blaze, and she loves the barn and the cats that live in it. She could care less about the clans and she cares about her sisters, Blaze and Samona, and Samona's kit, Sitka. She misses her family that died in the fire and sometimes she wishes she could have helped them. Rayne wishes to one day have a mate and kits like Samona did. And she would protect her sisters and her sister's kit with her life. 


Simona- Simona is a beautiful Bengal she-cat like her sister, Rayne. She has a son named Sitka and another sister named Blaze. She loves her family very much. She doesn't think much of the clans. Her sisters, her and her kit are the only survivors to a fire that took place in there old home caused by two-legs. Shes despised two-legs ever since. That fire not only killed her family but her mate, Logan, and her two other kits, Sikla and Skye. She's mourned for them but she is still happy to still have Sitka. She would protect him and her sisters with her life. 


Sitka- Sitka is a tiny marbled Bengal tom kit. He's been traveling a long time with his mother, Samona, and his aunts, Blaze and Rayne. He does not remember the fire and does not remember much of his father, Logan, his Sister, Sikla, or his brother, Skye. He thinks the clans are fascinating and wouldn't mind living with them one day when he's older. or even now. Rushclan or Stormclan fascinates him the most. He looks at the cats that live in the barn with him and his family as a clan, a clan without a leader anyway. He looked up to his mother and his aunt, Rayne

Scout- Scout is a black tom with blue eyes. He is strong, swift, and sometimes is in a quite mood or a grumpy mood for no reason. He got separated from his parents in the woods and never saw them again. He is a rouge. You can usually find him up in a tree. 



Rune- A gray tabby tom with pale yellow eyes. Pure evil, inside and out. Rune is a rouge, but is usually out causing trouble, instead of mingling with the others. He is amazingly strong and can beat almost everyone. A large cat in general, his muscles make him even larger, and a deadly force. He isn't afraid to kill, and in fact, enjoys it.



Vapor- An evil tom. He's got blood in his thoughts, for sure. With no mercy and a cold heart, when you meet him in battle you better pray to StarClan. Like most cats who love to fight, he does not believe in StarClan, and makes fun of those who do. Vapor is a black cat, with gray and other colors mixed in. He's got fur this is long in some spots and short in others, an unbalanced fur for an unbalanced mind. His eyes are yellow, the rim being finished off by an elegant green that make him seem - handsome. He's actually quite a handsome cat, despite his actions. He was born and raised a rogue, his passion for fighting sure does explain. His mother and father were Clan cat killers, and so is he. With a spark for blood in his mouth, he's a siblingless cat for a reason. Killing all of them to prove to his father he is a warborn cat. He loves giving orders, but has troubles following them. You'd not want him as an ally, or an enemy. It's hard to be faced with him as a threat, and it's hard to deal with him. Making fun of others is his hobby. He was born in the barn, his mother having four kits, Vapor, Terror, Afterlife, and Roach. They were almost all ugly hearted kits, despite Afterlife. She was rather friendly, and Vapor killed her first. It was easy, he killed Terror and then Roach. His father was proud, and asked him to try to destroy him. Vapor was terrified, only the age of a new warrior, but he agreed and defeated his father, with a happiness. His mother got very sick and was killed by a Clan cat, one he is searching for and will not give up until the cat is dead.


Dead Rouges

Slasher-  A gray tabby tom with green eyes. He isn't cruel or cold like his brother Bane, but he sticks by his side in his cruel games out of loyalty. The two brothers grew up together and depended on each other. Slasher doesn't want to turn against him, but hates his way of treating others.



Kittypets often bug and mess with Strikeclan. They share their territory. They usually don't attack, but they can be pesky.


Tide (Tidepaw)- She is outgoing and not afraid of what people think of her. she is kind and understanding and very smart. A white(a little gray) she-cat with aqua blue eyes. She used to be an apprentice in Rushclan but then started playing with a few kittypets and then one day they asked her if she wanted to live with them. She didn't know but later that day she was on patrol with her sister, cherrypaw, when a twoleg came out of nowhere ans she let it pet her. Cherrypaw got mad at her and then in the middle of the night she snuck away from camp, and didn't even say goodbye...   


 Sadie- A beautiful orange tabby with electric green eyes that love to shine in sunlight and moonlight. To most cats she's friendly and defensive, but the opposite to her enemies. Though she barely has any enemies. Adventurous and brave, she sometimes thinks of joining StrikeClan, or even just meet a Clan. Though the things she heard about the Clans was supposed to scare her, she doesn't really care. Sadie knows the Clans are nicer then they appear to cats outside of them. Hates cats who try to flirt with her.


Max- Max is a dark orange tabby tom with green eyes. He is very charming and very handsome. Max has a bit of an Australian accent, like his sister, Molly. He cares about his sister, even if he doesn't show it. He usually teases her about her fond of the Clan cats. Max flirts with all the she-cats he sees. But he is mostly fond of Sadie. Him and Molly moved from Colorado, away from there mother, father and brother and sister.

Fudge- Fudge is a dark brown she-cat with light brown stripes all over her body and she has very light blue eye's, she is blind but strong. She is a kitty pet.

Amaryllis- A pale and daintily built she-cat with smooth caramel eyes. She is very shy and delicate, but it nice to those who are nice back. Although her nice attitude gets the best of her, she can be very snappy when either others are attacking her friends, or she is in a bad mood. One thing this she-cat hates is others to think of her as weak, even though she is. Although of her protective nature, she is very petite and lies around in the sun, instead of exploring in the forest like most of the cats she knows. The only time she ventures out of the safety of her home is when she's really bored and wants to find out if more cats joined StrikeClan. She hasn't known any StrikeClan cats in her lifetime, but sometimes wishes she just knew one. Loves kits, but isn't sure if she wants her own.

Bracken- Bracken is a large and muscular golden tabby tom kittypet with golden eyes. He likes next door to Tide and they're best friends, ever since he met her when she was still a GorgeClan apprentice. He feel's slightly guilty about convincing her to leave her home, especially when she let's her sister's name slip, but he's glad she came. He is 19 moons old and is smart and quick-thinking, and kind to his friends. Not to say he is hostile to strangers, just he is nicest to his friends. He's always wanted to catch a mouse, but his massive size makes that almost impossible for a clumsy kittypet like him.