Stormclan cats are fierce and fight with honor. They trust and work with each other to survive. They will live and die together. They live in the dense forest with a small stream running through it.  



In camp


The Territory



Cloudstar- A large white tom with piercing green eyes. He is very kind and loyal to his clan and would die for them at any time. Sometimes he is serious, but he does have a sense of humor. In battle he is very fierce and strong. He is a naturally born leader and has good control. He does not have a mate or kits and he doesn't wish t get any. To him, his clan is all of his family. He is around 66 moons old.

4 lives left

Past Apprentice(s)- Sapphirepaw (Heart)  



Sandpelt- A light brown/tan tabby she-cat. She is 47 moons old and is a warrior of Stormclan. She is an excellent fighter and an okay hunter. Sandpelt was born and raised in the clan. She is an outspoken warrior and isn't afraid to say her opinions. She has spirited green eyes and her right front paw is white. Her muzzle is ringed with white as well.

Past Apprentice(s)- Frostpaw (Heart) Snakepaw(whisper)


Medicine Cat

Adderfrost- A quiet and thoughtful dark brown tabby tom. He is a medicine cat, so he can help his clan. He can be mean, but if you get to know him, he'll eventually warm up to you. He has glistening amber eyes and a great memory. He is 45 moons old.

Apprentice- Wintermoon


Sharptooth- A grey tabby tom. He is Strong, brave, and he is catious around strangers and is a warrior of Stormclan. He is 56 moons old

Past Apprentice (s)- Russetpaw (Wind)


Dawnsky- A tabby she-cat with green eyes. She is stubborn but kind. will die for her clan in a second. She is a warrior of Stormclan. Her sister is Silver, the rouge. She is 54 moons old.


Past Apprentice (s)- Sagepaw (fire)


Marshstripe- Marshstripe is a bright colored tabby tom with hazel eyes. He is a slight show off , but is usually nice. He is a warrior of StormClan and is around 48 moons old. He wants to be deputy someday.
Past Apprentice(s) - Rainpaw (storm)


Frostheart- She is a Stormclan warrior. She is very shy. In battle, she will try to fight, but she isn't the best fighter. She gets nervous really easily. She may not be the best fighter, but she is very fast and is an excellent hunter. She loves her clan, Stormclan, very much and is very loyal to them. Once she gets to know you, she isn't shy at all and has a sense of humor. She is a small cream she-cat with blue eyes. She is 48 moons old.

Apprentice- Swiftpaw

 Flamestorm- Flamestorm is muscular orange tom with bright green eyes. His fur is thick and he has a bushy tail. Flamestorm is very strong and will be loyal to the end for his clan. He is a warrior who is 50 moons old. He has a good sense of humor, but can get angry at times. He is kind to his clanmates, but can be stern. In battle he is fierce and aggressive, but he will never kill unless there was absolutely no other way. He is proud to be a warrior of Stormclan.

Past Apprentice(s) - Icepaw(wing)


Shadeheart- Shadeheart is a very aggressive and mean tom. He snaps at almost everyone and wants his way. He will speak his mind openly and hates the answer no. He wasn't always like this, though. After his brother died when they were apprentices he became cold and hard. Even though, he is a loyal warrior of Stormclan. He is 45 moons old.
Juniperleaf- Is a small tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest and green eyes.Her nose is a wild berry red. Juniperleaf is very sweet she-cat and a very beautiful she-cat. All she wants is to help her Clan. Her mother died in an attempt to rescue a Clan cat who had been captured by a twoleg. Her father disappeared one night. Her brother is in StreamClan. Juniperleaf is deathly afraid of water and birds. Water because her brother had saved her life in the river after she fell in. And birds because....well, she just does. She's not sure why. Her brother joined StreamClan while he was an apprentice. He loved swimming and was never good at climbing. His name was Hawkpaw but was changed to Reedpaw and now he is known as Reedpelt. She is 49 moons old.
Apprentice- Sorrelpaw
Russetwind - A black tom cat with a brown underbelly and a brown tail tip. He is a very energetic and spunky warrior of Stormclan. Russetwind is an amazing fighter and is zero mess-around during battle. He is funny and nice to his clanmates, but is always paws first into a situation. He is 39 moons old.
Rainstorm- Rainstorm is a snow Bengal tom. he is fast and energetic and is very brave. he is usually very sweet and nice and will only fight if he had to or was challenged. He loves his clan Stormclan and will do his best to keep it safe. He is 17 moons old and is a warrior of Stormclan.
Snakewhisper- Snakewhisperis a dark tabby tom with amber eyes. He is very secluded from his clanmates. When he was a kit, his mother and his sister decided they wanted to leave the clans. Snakewhisper didn't want to and he got angry and stormed off, thinking his mother would come after him. She never did. His father was a rouge, but that was unknown to him and the clan. His mother and sister are both long gone now, and he will always miss them. Now, to avoid being abandoned again, he stays isolated from everyone. He talks little and does what he's told to not draw attention to himself. Deep inside though, there is courage and a true warrior. It only needs to be awakened. Snakewhisper is truely a very nice cat, but not many people know that since he stays to himself. Fighting is the only time when his clanmates and other get to see the true Snakewhisper. He is amazing at fighting, and he's strong. Snakewhisper is horrible, horrible, horrible at hunting though. He absolutely hates hunting on patrols, since he makes a fool of himself. He's 17 moons old.
Icewing- Icewing is a beautiful white cat with breathtaking blue eyes. She has a small frame and a delicate face. But don't let her dainty looks deceive you. Icewing is a great fighter, but is still in training. Once she's done though, she'll be a deadly force, though she doesn't kill. Although, some people might say different about that statement. Icewing is a total jerk to everyone and anyone she meets. Her tongue is almost like another set of claws. She acts like the queen bee and makes sure everyone knows it. Obnoxious in literally almost everything, she's a pain. But she knows where the line is and she tiptoes on it, but never crosses it. She doesn't care if you're medicine cat, deputy, senior warrior or just some apprentice. The only person she doesn't mess with is the leader. She makes sure to be as nice as can be by Cloudstar and as hard working as ever. Though she's a mean, spiteful she-cat, Icewing is actually as insecure and afraid then ever. She just puts on an image to make herself seem better than everyone else. If you call her out on that, she just denies it and comes back with a rude comment. She'd be a really great and close friend if you could manage the get through to her, but most people can't even bare to be near her, let alone get to know her. She is 17 moons old.

Wheattail- Cream colored tom with aqua blue eyes. He is a senior warrior of StormClan and is kind and wise. He has scars across his muzzle from former battles. He used to have a mate and kits; Splashberry, Sweetkit, and Barleykit, but they died when a fire raged through the camp. He is afraid to have another mate encase he looses them too. 60 moons old.

Apprentice- Willowpaw

Windshine - A pretty light gray tabby she-cat with white belly and paws. She has light lime green eyes. She is swift and can jump high. She loves to explore and often goes and explores with Ravenflame. She is very close to Ravenflame and thinks of her more like a sister than mom. She is loyal and gets along with others well. She is 39 moons old.
Breezefeather- A spirited and loyal she-cat, shining silver with bright green eyes and gray stripes. She was a rouge, but wished to join Stormclan. She is a Stormclan warrior. She is 32 moons old

Wintermoon- Wintermoon is a sweet and very responsible for her young age. She cares about her sister and treats her like a second mother, always telling her when she is being reckless. She is a light gray and white she-cat with green eyes. Her mother left her and her sister, Sagefire, after they were born in the night to live with their rouge father Derek and their half brother Drake. She is now a medicine cat apprentice. She is 32 moons old. 
Sagefire(Sister) Silverstorm(mother)
Mentor- Adderfrost 

Sorrelpaw - Sorrepaw is a stunningly beautiful she-cat. Kind and considerate to almost everyon, even if they are jerks. Sorrelpaw is a bengal with bright, happy amber eyes. Once eyes is now clouded over from loss of sight. She is a strong-willed and determined appretnice and is anamazing hunter. She is always cheery and looks on the bright side, although she can get upset just like everyone else. Sorrelpaw follows her heart no matter what. She is 17 moons old and is still training because of her accident.
Mentor- Juniperleaf
Willowpaw- Willowpaw is a orange tabby she-cat with a white belly and chest. She has kind blue eyes. Her mother died when she was three moons old and she has been alone since in the nursery. She doesn't mind being alone though. She is very adventurous, but is terrified of storms. Willowpaw is 8 moons old now and is an apprentice of Stormclan. She wants to become the best hunter that the clan has ever seen.
Mentor- Wheattail
Swiftpaw- She is a hyper-active, stubborn, sarcastic apprentice of StormClan. As her name implies, she is very fast, and has very long legs. She is very loyal, and follows the warrior code closely. She wants more than anything to be a warrior, and trains her hardest at every session. She has a very strong spirit, and will keep fighting (her best skill, she prefers it to hunting) till the very end. She is a pure white she-cat with a pure black, long tail. She has dark yellow eyes that hardly stand out. They blend in with her shadowy but happy face. She is 7 moons old
Mentor- Frostheart
Pinekit- A petite pure black she-cat with brilliant green eyes. She loves hunting, even though she is a kit. She is very playful and would die for her clan, even at a young age. Also, she wants to become leader, or at least the best warrior she can be, when she gets older. She is 6 moons old.
BlackKitty.jpg black cat image by DEMONKITTY_2008

Bumblekit- Bumblekit is a small blueish grey tom with pale blue eyes. He is very jumpy and playful. He always bothers the apprentices to show his how to fight and hunt but always ends up getting pulled away be his mother, Moonshine. Bumblekit is 6 moons old.
Moonshine(mother) Hawkfeather(father)


Thornstripe- Thornstripe is a loyal elder of Stormclan. He is an elder and is very strong and protective of his clan. He doesn't mind not going to gatherings because he enjoys watching over the clan he loves so much. He has never had much of a family. His father never paid much attention to him and he died from a badger attack before Thornstripe became a warrior. His mother cared for him practically alone and she died after he became a warrior from sickness. He feels that the clan is his family. He is about 96 moons old.

Past Apprentice(s) - Marshpaw (Stripe)

Whitemane- He is an old tom with emerald green eyes. His name comes from the white lion like mane around his chest and neck. He found his way to the clans one day when he left his kittypet home. He is kind and funny with soooo many stories to tell. His family is long since gone to new homes but he has always found a liking to the clans. He is grey with white paws and tipped tail. His fur is shaggy and unkempt. He is an elder of Stormclan. He is 92 moons old.


*Blue means alive, Red means deceased.